Steve would love your company. There is a spare single and a spare double kayak available for loan. Both of these have wheels for the spots where there is no water. But, in the early stages where there will be no water for day after day we suggest that you take a pair of walking shoes and come and hike beside Steve. He will be dragging a kayak so you should keep up OK and if you get tied the support vehicle can pick you up at the camp site with a refreshing beverage.

If you would like to paddle or walk along for a day or two please contact: [email protected] You will need to get yourself to the area but the support vehicle will be able to help you out once you are there.You have two choices:

1. Nominate where you want to join and we can tell you approximately when that may be.

2. Nominate when you want to join and we can nominate approximately where that will be

Please note that all the way to the Murray, which is a long way, there are sections where there is no water in the river.