The Trip

Kayak4earth is about a long trip by special kayak from Brisbane to Adelaide via the inland river system. The trip will be a journey, an odyssey, a quest. It is a long way from Brisbane to Adelaide. Some say 7,000km. The water bodies include the Brisbane, Bremmer, Condamine, Darling, Murray and Torrens Rivers, Lake Alexandrina, Encounter Bay and Gulf St Vincent. The uphill slog includes the Toowoomba Range.

Will there be enough water? Who knows. Certainly there is none between Ipswich and Dalby. So, the kayak has wheels and a pulling harness. Water or not, the kayak can make it.

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The Aim

The trip is about global warming and water. Some of the aims are to:

# Provide a mechanism to highlight global warming, specifically, the effect on our water availability
# Increase awareness of the cause and effect - the relationship between burning fossil fuels and the resulting changes in climate that can be expected
# Provide education forums about global warming and water at some major towns along the way
# Collect information from water monitoring and from people who live on the Darling system. This is to collated after the trip
# Increase awareness in our cities on what lies along our major river system
# And importantly, Steve hopes to finish a journey that probably has never been undertaken before

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The Man

Steve Posselt is a 54 year old civil engineer who has spent all his working life in the water industry. Much of this time has been devoted to the Australian Water Association whose mission statement is to promote the sustainable use of water.

He has commuted to work in his wheeled kayak for a number of years. While doing this he dreamed of this trip. So in 2005, he sold his water equipment business that was developed from scratch, and started planning. (Little did he know at the time how much work this would take and how many people would devote their time and energy to assist)

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The Realisation

By the end of 2005 Steve realised that global warming and climate change were no longer environmental issues for the future. Action must be prompt, concerted and immediate. So, during 2006 he set about learning as much as he could and working towards educating others.

He holds the view that there is little sense in trying to cope with the costs of mitigating the effects of climate change while at the same time selling fossil fuels to people who burn them and create more problems that we must deal with.

The trip therefore had to have these issues as part of its focus. Steve wants people to think about the issues, link cause with effect and play their part in solving the problem. Changes in the way we think and the adoption of renewable energies can lead to an exciting future.

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The Accident

On 1 st July 2006 whilst on an earlier odyssey, Steve cartwheeled his BMW motorbike in soft sand of the Plenty Highway near Alice Springs. With eight broken ribs, flailed chest segment, damaged lung, badly broken scapula, broken clavicle and some problems relating to the head trauma, it looked like the trip was to be cancelled or at least postponed.

But, he says he has been lucky: lucky to be alive due to his friends, helpers and the air ambulance, and lucky with his recuperation. After five months he was back in his kayak and starting to rebuild his strength. Planning continued and excitement grew.

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