This venture is supported by the Australian Water Association - www.awa.asn.au
For more information about water and global warming check out the AWA web site.
MC2 Technologies has provided Steve with web, hard copy and multimedia solutions for a number of years. MC2 develops integrated solutions for businesses and other organisations. Solutions include websites incorporating flash animation, online stores & product search engines; design and production of hard copy materials such as business cards, pamphlets, brochures & posters and multimedia content including image, animation & audio on a range of media. MC2 designed & constructed and maintains the K4e website free of charge. www.mc2tech.com.au
KSB have been major supporters of AWA for years and have worked beside Steve on many projects. Their contribution is substantial and very welcome.
United Utilities is looking after all of the South Australian forums and some mapping. United Utilities has made a significant cash contribution.
Simmonds & Bristow provides chemical & microbiological analysis, scientific & engineering consulting services and registered training services to the Water and Environmental Industry. We offer a comprehensive service package for monitoring programs, technical support and training for regional water utilities, resorts, mines and other communities: Environmental Solutions Bringing Freedom & Quality To Life.
Executive Resource Group - Peter Brown of ERG is a supporter of Steve's venture. Peter urges all water professionals along Steve's route to make themselves known to Steve and contribute their ideas.
Peter Brown - Careers in Water - Ph: 0418746964.
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing has generously equipped Steve and the support team with camping and other equipment for the river and the road.

The satellite phone and other communication equipment has been provided by Global Satellite who have also provided free text messages to the phone when the team is out of normal range.
Watergates has contributed in kind to Steve's journey.

All media assistance has been carried out by Econnect - www.econnect.com.au

University of Queensland Center for Physical Activity and Sports Education - School of Human Movement Studies assessed Steve's fitness in the week prior to his departure. Read the fitness report here.
Columbia Sportswear Company have provided some clothing and footwear. www.columbia.com.au
There have been many supporting organisations. These include:
International Riverfoundation - www.riverfoundation.org.au
And of course there are individual supporters. To all of them, some friends, some just believers in the cause goes a heartfelt thank you - Steve
Mike Drake - UK - $100.00 Richard Palmer - WA - $50.00 Carolyn & Lester Evans - QLD - $100.00
Lesley-Anne Houghton - QLD - $135.00 Robin How - NSW - $100.00 Watergates Staff - QLD - $255.00. See photo
Physioactive, Ipswich - QLD - $200.00 Peter McCrossin - NSW- $100.00