Day 10 Report

.Day 10 - 5/6/07 - Leaving Toowoomba

What a lazy day. Up at 5.00am and got things ready to finally leave with no going back. We sealed the back of the canopy on the ute, fitted all our stuff in, made a big dent in the powerpoint presentation and left Annand Park in Toowoomba at 12.15pm.

There were lots of people who tooted their horns and said hello. Must be because of the TV coverage last night on WIN. We marched out to Wetalla STP and tried kayaking Gowrie Creek. Unfortunately there was not enough water so after a few hundred metres we pulled the kayak out and it was back on the road.

It has started to rain with more to come. The road to Oakey is black soil so that may be a serious problem as battling road trains on the highway also has its difficulties. Maybe it will rain enough to fill Gowrie Creek. Maybe not.

Caravan parks were all booked out due to Farmfest, Campdrafting and Drafthorse championships and so we finished up relying on the generosity of the Robin's family in Toowoomba (Cousins of Kerrie). Check out the photo. The food certainly beats camp cooking. The travelling team says thanks to Allan, Tracey, Emma and Sam.

Canoeing on the output from Wetalla STP With the Robins family. All happy after a good feed
Images by Bruce Lumb - Refer to copyright notice