Day 12 Report

.Day 12- 7/6/07 - Oakey to Bowenville

Bruce's Report: Steve is planning on hiring himself out as a drought breaker. There have been significant falls in the area although according to the locals the soil is so dry there is still not enough subsoil moisture to plant winter crops.

We had a very comfortable night in the old preschool building at Oakey State School courtesy of Principal David Bosworth and dropped Steve back onto Oakey Creek at about 8:00AM. He did it tough making only the equivalent of 3km of road distance in the next 4 hours. At that rate we'll be in Adelaide by Christmas ......2010.

Kerrie and I in the meantime had the absolute privilege of interviewing Uncle Bill Knight an aboriginal elder who has painted the most wonderful mural for the Oakey State School. He was a wealth of stories and information about the Darling River area.

We picked up an exhausted Steve who had to be pursuaded to give the water a miss for a while. He hit the tar near the Jondaryan Woolshed and is presently headed for Dalby. He is planning on walking for most of the day before visiting a school in Dalby and running an information talk on Climate Change at the Dalby Tourist Park on Friday evening.

Steve's Report: I am ready for bed and it is only 7 o'clock. Today was tough. The water level dropped about 250mm and there were long sections with willow trees in the river. I think the willows are great. They catch just about everything that goes past, including kayaks. I would have been 150mm above the water sitting on log jams about a hundred times today. Then I would get the wheels caught, or get the nose stuck about 500mm up the bank with the back wedged in the fork of a tree. It was also cold and raining so when I got out at lunch time I could not take any more.

We booked into a cabin at the Tourist Park at Dalby and then I got back on the road for 12km. Bruce and Kerrie picked me up at sundown and it had stopped raining so I was dry.

Principal David Bosworth with Kerrie
and Steve outside our very welcome
accommodation at Oakey State School
Aboriginal elder Uncle Bill Knight in front of
the mural he painted at Oakey State School
Steve back on the road and heading for Dalby
Images by Bruce Lumb - Refer to copyright notice