Day 2 Report

Day 2 - 28/5/07 - Goodna to Ipswich

Bruce's Report: The day began with an interview for "Sunrise" in Brisbane. Steve then waited for the tide to turn before setting out from Goodna Boat Ramp at 4:00PM.

He is presently on the river. It's 8:00PM and dark outside. Steve will add his thoughts in the morning but all is going well.

From Steve Tuesday morning:

Well that was a good night's sleep. I finished about 8.30pm and that is the end of the love/hate relationship with the water quality probe. 50% boat speed is a bit demoralising at times. Paddling up the Bremmer at night is really interesting, particularly the smells. Not too many people know that you can smell coal gas in places and that there is a coal loader that loads barges on the river.

Today we have a few hours in the Ipswich mall meeting people, what seems to be the usual number of radio interviews, and then some more preparations with gear. Finally, I might get time to put together a presentation for the forum tomorrow.

I can't help wondering, now that the walking leg has started, how far will I have to walk?

Check out the water quality data here.

On the banks of the Brisbane River just before
the "Sunrise" interview.

Steve setting out from Goodna Boatramp at 4:00PM .
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