Day 23 Report

.Day 23 - 18/6/07 - Leaving Glenmorgan Towards Surat

Bruce's Report: Steve left early on the road to Surat while Kerrie and I drove out to interview Greg and Carol Hoadley who are trialling holistic farming practices on their property Dunwoodie.

We then had a quick look at the Botanic Gardens at Myall Park before catching up with Steve along the road at a huge herd of cattle. Steve had stumbled on a drover and his team taking cattle on a 12 month tour of the "long paddock". The kayak had spooked the cattle so Steve had collected the herd and was moving them along the road. Unfortunately he was heading in the wrong direction. Luckily the drovers could see the funny side and soon had the problem sorted.

After a roadside lunch Kerrie and I headed for Surat where we set up camp. I picked Steve up at 4:00PM after a huge day of 38.56 km on the road.

Steve's Report: Walking on rough roads is hard work. Paddling over rocks and mud and logs is hard work too. Today was easy, just bitumen so I walked over 38km and still feel pretty good. The day before yesterday I had over 20km easy paddle upstream of a weir so I am really looking forward to the day that I can just paddle the kayak and not have to manhandle it.

Greg and Carol Hoadley are trialling
holistic farming practices at Dunwoodie
Brolga on a lagoon near Glenmorgan Steve the kayaker meets Steve
the drover on the road to Surat
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