Day 22 Report

.Day 22 - 17/6/07 - Back on the Road towards Glenmorgan

Bruce's Report: Peter took Steve out early to start walking to Glenmorgan. He and Jenny left for home after breakfast while Kerrie and I planted a few acres of oats. Just to clarify that last statement. Bill had invited us to see how the seeding was done and we both got to "drive" a huge John Deere tractor that basically drove itself. The driver can watch DVDs while the tractor does its work guided by computer and GPS. Amazing stuff!

Exhausted from all that ploughing we were back on the road and picked Steve up 14.4 kms from his start point and drove to Surat where the Surat Fishing and Restocking Club had a barbeque organised for us. The mayor of Warroo Shire Donna Stewart welcomed us to the area and we spent a couple of hours eating delicious steaks and chatting with the friendly locals. I had a beer and one extra for Steve. He couldn't have one because he had to walk later on. After being presented with Fishing Club T shirts, hats and stubby holders we headed back to drop Steve off to finish the last 8 km of walking into Glenmorgan.

Kerrie and I then set up tent beside the old railway station at Glenmorgan at "The End of the Line". This place will be a real destination in a couple of years. It not only boasts the old railway station, but also has an antique car museum which parks its vehicles around the streets of the town. As well as that the Myall Park Botanic Gardens (home of the Robyn Gordan and Sandra Gordon grevillea) are just down the road about 7km. Come on down and have a look, the town is well worth a visit. Merv and Diane at the Glenmorgan Store will have the the store up and running for business in a few weeks. They will be selling food as well as antiques and collectibles.

Steve arrived in time for a beer and a chat at the local hotel where we had an interesting discussion on Holistic Farming, water recycling and other topics of interest in country pubs.

Kerrie at the controls of Bill's tractor The Surat Fishing and Restocking Club
looked after us with a welcome barbeque
Bustards were common in the area
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