Day 25 Report

.Day 25 - 20/6/07 - 28kms South of Surat

Bruce's Report: We dropped into Surat State School and gave a presentation to the whole school before Steve set out on the road to St George. It was freezing cold for the entire day. I'm sure glad I didn't have to walk.

I spent two hours downloading film ...... in the heated public library, while Kerrie stood in the freezing cold cooking a delicious stew for us all. I picked Steve up after 27.9 KM of walking and we returned in time for dinner and a quick interview with Don Thon at the Royal Hotel.

Surat has plenty to be proud of. They have a community minded attitude, have made a real difference to their local environment, have some very interesting and well put together displays of their local history and culture, have a very well run school and are all incredibly friendly. Thanks Surat ... we'll be back!!!

Steve's Report: Not much to report on today. The presentation at the school was good and that was the first time we used the powerpoint presentation with the kids. The rest of the day was just a slog in very cold weather on a long straight highway. Only got 28km which was disappointing as my personal goal was 31km.

Although it was cold there was an old bloke in the pub who reckons it is not like it used to be. Then we used to have frosts nearly all winter he reckoned, but nowdays we only get a few a year.

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he is at the end of Day 25
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