Day 32 Report

.Day 32 - 27/6/07 - On the Road to Dirranbandi

Bruce's Report: Cold but clear. Steve's on the road and we are chasing up gear. The new windscreen finally turned up and ........ it's the wrong size. The new bearings turned up and for a second day in a row were ..... the wrong size.

Fortunately the apple slice at the bakery was ...... just the right size. While having a coffee I thought of Steve slogging it out along the wet dirt road into a very lazy southerly. He rang in on the satellite phone at midday and he's doing well. (I didn't mention the apple slice.)

Picked Steve up at 4:45PM after 30.5 km of walking and paddling in some large holes. He decided that a warm fire, barbeque and good company at the Kamarooka Caravan Park was too good to miss. He'll test the gear in the field tomorrow night.t

Steve's Report: Tough day today. 8 1/2 hours slog through roads that made the kayak hard to pull plus 6km on a waterhole that was supposed to be a lot longer. Total was only 30.5km. There was a strong headwind and white caps on the river (brown caps actually).

Plenty of irrigation channels but no water Plenty of irrigation channels but no water

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A wet and muddy entry but plenty of promise
The end of the waterhole