Day 34 Report

Day 34- 29/6/07 - Getting Closer To Dirranbandi

Bruce's Report: Cheered Sam and Marj on their way and took Steve out to his starting point. He was soon on the water above the Wyenbah Bridge.

Kerrie and I went to Wyenbah Station and Tom and Laura Sevil took us downriver to the weirs on the Culgoa and Balonne Minor where we met Steve. After admiring one of Steve's water gates on the weir he set off cross country to find the Dirranbandi road.

Kerrie and I called in on Don and Laurel Fraser at "Hastings" who very kindly took us out across the property to find Steve. We came across a very tired kayaker who had slogged through some tough territory. We finally made the road and after an hour or so Steve called it a day after a tough 23.59 km day.

The final straw came when we found that the new wheels and bearings had arrived in Dirranbandi AND .................,... they didn't fit!!!!!

Rod Lehmann and partner Shirley arrived to save the day with wine, Guiness, cheese, a Guiness stew and dessert.

Steve's Report: This was a great day. Fancy finding the penstock we supplied. The Balonne splits into the Balonne minor and the Culgoa. There are weirs on each a few hundred metres downstream of the split. They are called the bifurcation weirs and they regulate how much goes to each place.

So it was a great paddle, a tough walk and then a sprint down the dirt road towards Dirranbandi

We went to the newsagent to pick up the errant bearings and guess what. They do not fit! This is the fourth attempt. They say 16mm but they appear to have a 5/8" bore which is slightly less.

The Ballonne MInor weir
A really tough cross country pull to get from the
weirs to the dirt road. This was the hardest pull on
the trip, worse than the Toowoomba range. This
is a worry for the bad bits in NSW after Bourke

Tom and Laura Sevil discuss the maps with
Steve at the weir on the Balonne Minor
Image by Bruce Lumb
This is not a big river. As you can see I
still had my troubles in the weir pool.
Culgoa weir
Image by Bruce Lumb - Refer to copyright notice