Day 35 Report

.Day 30/6/07 - Into & Out of Dirranbandi

Bruce's Report: Another interesting day. Rob and Shirley walked with Steve for about 10kms before Steve hit the water on the Dirranbandi weir. He paddled down, crossed the weir and paddled a little further to the bridge. We all then went out to have a look at Cubbie Station. We had contacted Cubbie in St George hoping for a tour but they didn't get back to us. We were totally out of luck as no-one was around at the office to even see us.

We headed back to Tooroora Station to interview Martin Sullivan and his father in law John Baronio from Stanthorpe. We ended up having a delightful afternoon and evening with Marty, Karen, John, Louisa, Emily and Lucy. Marty's tour of the property impressed us all. Thanks for your hospitality Marty.

Steve's Report: Walked with Rod and Shirley for 10.4km then into the river for the best paddle to date. It was an easy 14km with a stop at a farm on the way to have a chat. We went back and saw Marty's farm later but Bruce will tell you all about that.

We also saw Cubbie station. No-one was home but the office area is really very pretty. The intake penstocks are enormous but in the scheme of things Cubbie is just the big one. There is so much more going on in the area. The area is also very closely monitored by DNR as opposed to the Downs area which does not seem to be.

Rob and Shirley show off their K4e shirts The team at Cubbie Station Marty Sullivan and John Baronio enjoying
a joke with Steve round the fire
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