Day 4 Report

.Day 4 - 30/5/07 - Ipswich to Walloon

Bruce's Report: After a highly successful forum with outstanding speakers, Steve headed off at 2:00PM on the long walk to Toowoomba. He completed about 18 kms before bad light stopped play west of Walloon.

Steve's Report: "The forum today in Ipswich was terrific. Dave Alexander (KSB general manager) reckons it might just about be the best one he has been to. Certainly some of the speakers were sensational. Numbers were disappointing given the top quality of speakers but hey, for those that missed it, you are the ones that missed out. Ipswich City Council must be congratulated on their efforts. Thanks folks, we really appreciated it.

Ipswich Mayor, Paul Pisasale was there to farewell us on the walking leg. He presented me with a framed certificate of appreciation which is to go up on our wall at home. I can look at it after Christmas but it really means a lot to me that the city did that.

To tell the truth I was busting to get going. The Toowoomba Range is a worry and I am keen to get there as soon as I can and test my mettle. So unfortunately, I was not thinking about making speeches and just set off as soon as I could. One thing that must be said about Ipswich is that that is where the idea for the trip came from. Paddling to work and dreaming of crazy ideas is not something most people have the opportunity to do. The river looks great most of the time, moonless nights are OK even, but it is a lot better when you can see. There are some magnificent gum trees on the banks and I do feel sad when I picture them being threatened with flooding because we humans are squandering energy that was buried millions of years ago.

When I got to Thagoona and left the kayak on the Bentley's verandah I must say that I was about at the end of what I could cope with for the day. A good sleep will fix me up though and it will be back into it with a nice little tester over the Minden Range."

Steve receives his citation from
the Major of Ipswich Paul Pisasale.
Support crew waits for a lone "road kayaker". The "goanna", anxious to be on its way,
gives Steve a poke in the bum.


Images by Bruce Lumb - Refer to copyright notice