Days 5, 6 & 7 Report

.Days 5, 6 & 7 - 31/5, 1/6 & 2/6/07 - Walloon to Toowoomba

Well life has been a wee bit hectic so this is catch up time.

The Minden Range was a good training run and we barrelled along as far as Forest Hill.

The night was our first attempt at camping and it worked well. The lady who runs the Laidley Caravan Park was fantastic and would not let us pay. We stayed Thursday and Friday nights and the hot showers were very welcome. The people at the Forest Hill servo on the corner of the road across to Gatton filled the ten litre fuel drum for nothing and they were great to chat to. The drum is for the fuel for the light and stove when we can't light a fire.

Lockyer High School was great with all of the students who were there being interested and asking good questions. There was also and under eights day on the oval at the primary school that we went to. After that the day was a bit of a drag. Third day walking blues may account for it or just walking towards the range and wondering what the walk up would be like could have contributed.

Anyway I was pleased on Saturday to attack the range. I can't say it was easy but I don't know why I was so worried. It was simply a matter of putting one foot after the other and gutzing it out. There was no other option, no other choices, one simply gets stuck in and does what one has to do. It was good to get to the top and it is great to know it is behind me. There can't be too many mad buggers who have pulled a 60kg kayak up the Flagstone Creek road to Toowoomba.

"That Toowoomba Range keeps getting
bigger the closer I get"
Steve addressing students at Lockyer High School "Just a quick power nap before I tackle the rest of the Toowoomba Range. Lucky the flies aren't bad. "
Images by Bruce Lumb - Refer to copyright notice