Steve’s passion is water and his book, Cry Me a River, is about what he saw on the big trip.

His belief is that none of this matters if we do not address the number one issue: anthropogenic warming. To this end he intends to paddle from the Gulf of Mexico to Hudson Bay.

They are not completely linked by water you may say, but on his big Australian trip he dragged the kayak over 1000km when there was no water.

It matters not to him.

The link for this new trip is Australia, the USA and Canada – all with very high proportions of science deniers, all heavily influenced by vested interests, all with a lot to lose with conventional thinking and all with a lot to gain with a new low carbon paradigm.

There will no doubt be a book at the end and it will no doubt be about water. One does not paddle up the Mississippi, through the Great Lakes and up through Canada without seeing and learning a lot.

It is early days but planning has started. Perhaps the trip could be titled “Another Way”. This reflects that he is paddling upstream with a wheeled kayak and also that Renewable Energy is available and it can be the other way of providing us with the energy we need.