Brisbane to Sydney by Kayak - Oct-Nov 2008

Mission Accomplished

Steve pulling up at the Opera House Steve with Peter Garrett

The map of Steve's trip

Steve set off in his kayak from West End in Brisbane on 4th October 2008. He arrived at the Sydney Opera House on 1st November 2008 with a bag containing thousands of letters for Minister Peter Garrett asking him to stop the Traveston Dam. The journey was 945km. To continue during adverse weather Steve dragged the kayak along the beach, the highway, and anywhere that would allow his relentless slog to the end. His exploits are contained in his daily logs.

Read Steve's account of his arrival in Sydney.

Because Garrett's only powers on this issue are under the EPBC Act the message was about threatened species, especially the lungfish. The lungfish is the oldest vertebrate in the world. It is native to only the Burnett and the Mary Rivers. The Burnett was dammed some years ago. Since then, according to lungfish expert Jean Joss, "there has been nil recruitment" to the population. In other words, despite the fact that they can live for 100 years they are not breeding there any more. The Queensland Government will obliterate the only remaining breeding grounds in the world with the Traveston Crossing Dam. This would be an international tragedy and extremely embarrassing for Australia.

Extinction is forever!

Trip Log

Steve on Engineers Media

Steve's Crew and Supporters

John Schulstad
John Schulstad

John Williams
John Williams

Steve and his supporters
Steve and his supporters at the Opera House (L to R):
Tanzi Smith (Greater Mary Association), Professor Stuart White (Institute for Sustainable Futures), Heidi Posselt (Steve's daughter), Carol Posselt (Steve's wife), Steve Posselt, Julie Wellington (Brisbane Save the Mary group), Vikki Uhlmann (Convenor, Brisbane Save the Mary group), John Schulstad (Steve's support crew from Perth), Victoria Pullen (from Mary Valley - she has painted her car yellow and with no dam logos and is on a pilgrimage down the east coast collecting letters to Minister Garrett), Glenda Pickersgill (Save the Mary group), Professor Jean Joss (Lungfish expert, Macquarie University).

Rick Grantham

Many people followed the journey on the web. This would not have been possible without Rick Grantham (right) who updated the site regularly from text and images that I forwarded to him. This is an extremely important and very valuable contribution and I thank him on behalf of everyone. Geoff, who constructed the site on behalf of MC2, and did the other two trips was not available this time due to other commitments. I am sure you will agree with me on the importance of these guys and how indebted we are to them.