Days 14 & 15 Report

.Days 14 & 15 - 9/6 & 10/6/07 - St.Ruth to North of Kogan

Bruce's Report: To avoid the traffic on the Warrego Highway Steve headed for Chinchilla on the Kogan Road. Carol Posselt (Steve's wife) drove out to walk with Steve for a ten kilometre stretch before the Condamine River which we discovered was bone dry.

After a photo shoot on the bed of the river and a quick lunch Steve continued walking until just short of Kogan. We picked him up and transported him to a farmhouse just out of Chinchilla owned by Greg and Tammy Johnston where we spent a lovely night with good food, excellent wine, a great fire and friendly people.

We were told that there was water in the Condamine so the next morning we transported Steve north of his last spot on the road and deposited him in the river. He arrived at the Chinchilla Weir at around 3:00PM.

Steve' Report: Yesterday was just solid walking and on long straight roads. I was really pleased that it went OK because the day before my right achiles tendon was very sore and swollen. Kerrie made sure that I iced it and for walking I applied a compression bandage. It worked great.

We met a photographer at  lunch time when we were at the Condamine River. He took some snaps and Bruce did some filming in the dry reiver bed and then it was off again down the road to Kogan.

Today we found water in the Condamine upstream of the weir. This was on the Chinchilla to Kogan Road. So, the kayak got wet again and my leg got a rest. It was a very pleasant paddle but there was lots of what I think is blue green algae about and the weir level was still very low. The normal water level seemed to be about 3m above me.

Anyway, there is nothing downstream of the weir so I set off from here tomorrow on the road again. Bruce and Kerrie will generously transport me back to talk to the schools here.

Steve, Kerrie and Bruce discuss
the route on the roadside
Steve back in the water on the
Condamine River near Chinchilla
Steve and Carol on the Dalby Kogan Road
Photo shoot in the bed of the Condamine River

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