Day 17 Report

.Day 17 - 12/6/07 - 21kms from Condamine

Bruce's Report: We are camped in the Chinchilla Caravan Park for two nights. Steve is on his way to Condamine and has a big day of walking ahead of him before I pick him up at around 5:00PM.

We have been flat out for the last few weeks and Kerrie and I are catching up on downloading film, checking with schools, washing the clothes and shopping as well as surprising Steve with a morning tea of an apple turnover from the Chinchilla Bakery. When we caught up to him he was busy taking calls from all his fans (we think he pays them) but was looking strong when we left him. He has had some trouble with his achilles but with outstanding medical advice, some ice, a couple of beers each night and a pressure bandage he appears to be coping well.

Reflecting on the last couple of weeks the highlights have been meeting the people who we would not ordinarily have met. Bill Hogarth, a farmer near Toowoomba, was a real gentleman and full of information. Uncle Bill Knight, an aboriginal elder from Oakey, was an absolute gem. He had us all in stitches with his stories. I really enjoyed having a beer and discussing politics with Tony, the publican at the Kogan Hotel. After the rigours of the road it was delightful to spend the night with the Johnstons at their farm along Charley's Creek near Chinchilla. We have all enjoyed chatting with the many people who have stopped to wish Steve well along the way.

This maybe an opportune time to thank BCF for their sponsorship. The camping gear is working well and the advice given by BCF staff when selecting the gear has been accurate and reliable. Thanks to "Big Kev" Smith at Coffs Harbour BCF for his help in selecting the right gear. As "Belle" said in the Ipswich Mall "Greatest fishing and camping store in Australia!"

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