Day 18 Report

.Day 18 - 13/6/07- Into Condamine

Bruce's Report: Steve walked the 21 km into Condamine in time for some treatment to his achilles before talking to the lovely children at Condamine State School. These small schools do a great job in educating children and we were impressed with the manners and interest shown by the whole school. In fact we have been made feel very welcome by the whole community.

I had to have my arm twisted but Steve insisted we have a beer at the local Condamine Hotel. We had a great chat to Sharon behind the bar and the locals who came in for their afternoon ale. Unfortunately the State of Origin is being telecast there tonight and I only have a blue jacket so this may be my last report.

Before heading back to the caravan park for dinner we checked out the Condamine and it looks good for tomorrow. Steve will be able to rest his achilles and get back on the water.

Steve's Report: " Might have pushed it a bit hard yesterday. After 38km I still felt good but today as I came up a bit of a hill into Condamine the achilles went again. I was close enough just to slowly limp into town but I was disappointed that it was only 21km today and I was in trouble again.

Tomorrow it is back on the river. The locals are all excited about the amount of water in the river. There is a low weir in town about 10m wide. The water level over it is about 100mm. So, for you engineers take critical depth 75mm, 10m wide and you can figure out that it is not too much to get excited about. The other problem is that the "tide" mark is about 600mm above that so it is dropping significantly.

Tonight it is State of Origin and the pub is looking good.

Steve outside the Condamine State School Bruce films the Condamine River while Steve contemplates pushing him in It's State of Origin tonight. Steve supports
Queensland and the Support Crew support
NSW. Steve hopes the sign is an accurate
prediction of the game
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