Day 21 Report

.Day 21- 16/6/07 - Back to the Water near Glenmorgan

Bruce's Report: Peter and I dropped Steve into the river at 8:00AM level to where he finished on the road last night. We travelled to the next road crossing down river and then began the big wait.

The river, although looking like it has enough water is full of snags and only inches deep. Steve is often aground or stuck on hidden obstacles he just cannot see in the dirty water. He finally turned up at about 3:00PM having travelled 34.66kms.

We headed back to our lovely accommodation at Bill and Pam's and enjoyed a night round the campfire eating another Peter Brown special of lamb shanks cooked in the camp oven - delicious!

We cannot thank Bill and Pam enough for their hospitality.

Peter, Steve and Bruce prepare the kayak for the water Peter, Jenny and Kerrie waiting, waiting, waiting.........
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