Days 29 & 30 Report

.Days 29 & 30 - 24 & 25/6/07- Regrouping in St George

Bruce's Report: Sunday was a day of rest repairing gear, downloading film, writing reports, resting Steve's tired "old" body and repacking the trailer and kayaks. Genevieve Hussey and the 7.30 Report camera crew arrived after lunch and the afternoon was spent filming along the edge of the river. Thanks again to Rick and Sharon at the Kapunda Fishing Park for access through their property.

Monday morning saw the 7.30 Report crew back doing interviews and filming at the campsite. We really enjoyed working with Genevieve, Gordon and Basil. Look out for their report on the trip in the next week or so. We are off to interview the mayor this afternoon. We must thank Robert and Desley for their hospitality and generosity during our stay in St George.

A special thanks to Farnie Swanepoel from Global Satelliite Phones and Data Communications Pty Ltd. Kerrie and I (Bruce) have been concerned that when Steve gets into the river we lose communication with him and this will become a more serious situation when we get south of the border in remote areas along the Darling. I spoke to Farnie about the issue and the next day he had arranged another satellite phone for us. We now have reliable communication and can confidently send Steve out knowing he'll be able to contact us with GPS coordinates so we know exactly where he is. Thanks again Farnie!

Steve's Report: We are in St George. Yesterday I had a day off and the same today. My body is feeling great after the rest but my feet are still sore for the first hour. When I get up I am sometimes unstable on my feet for a while but they soon come right.

The mayor here is a character. He likes numbers so when he tells us the name of someone he recites their phone number at the same time. Like all mayors, he knows everyone and he has been here most of his life so he knows lots of history.

Today (Monday) we are enjoying ourselves reading letters from the Rangeville school in Toowoomba. They are wonderful letters and all of us enjoy them.

Amanda and Matt hitch up Molly the
Wonder Dog to Steve's kayak
The 7.30 Report team interview Steve on the
banks of the Bolonne River near St George
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