Day 36 Report


Day 36 - 1/7/07 - Near Hebel & the NSW Border

Bruce's Report: Steve walked 36.8 km along the road to Hebel. Started at 9.00AM and we picked him up at 5:00PM.

Steve's Report: Let's see if we get any e-mails from Watergates when they see their gate on the Culgoa weir.

Today was great as the kayak felt so light on the bitumen. Shame it won't be like that for more than about another 60km. I stopped and put a bandaid on a blister after 10km and my feet are sore. Also, surprisingly my skinny bum still rubs and I am chafed. Must be because I got wet in the kayak yesterday.

There was lots to think about. This is a personally significant day. It is just on a year since I hit the dirt on the Plenty Highway headfirst off the motorbike. So, I was quietly thinking of some of the important milestones.

10 days: Carol was allowed to drive me 3000km to home

4 weeks: finally dawned on me that I was very, very lucky the way things turned out

7 weeks: could almost lie down to sleep

9 weeks: could lift my right arm up to the desk to type

3 months: thought this trip might still be possible

5 months: announced that I would do the trip after I took a very cautious kayak paddle

6 months: caught a wave with the wave ski (albeit in a small surf)

7 months: 50km training paddle

9 months: could almost touch my left shoulder with my right index finger

12 months: all ribs healed, right elbow almost has feeling, inner ear is a lot better as I have not fallen over (when I get up) for ages, still can't wash under my left arm with my right hand but it is getting very close (just need longer soap), shoulder can do most things and I am really close to being able to lie on my right side I think. Fitness: well I must be close to 1000km by now so that says something and I would not be overweight if I did a fitness test.

Summary: It is great to be alive and I am one lucky bloke. Lucky that I had the right mates there and lucky that an ambulance got there quickly and got me on an air abulance to Alice Springs.

And now for the contribution from Rod Lehmann:
How do we address such an enormous task as global warming? One step at a time which is a bit like a kayak/walk from Brisbane to Adelaide.

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