Days 38 & 39 Report

.Days 38 & 39 - Hebel to South of Goodooga

3rd July: Nice warm and sunny day and walked over into NSW between Hebel and Goodooga. Did some filming but basically just lots of walking
4th July: Goodooga. What a place. There is a post office, a pub that opens a few hours per day, a school, a police station with two officers that opens at times, quite a few houses and a couple of workshops and that is it. Most people blamed bad management for the bowling club and store closing but the people seemed happy enough. Didn't stick around, just had an iced coffee, talked to a few locals and then got back on the road.

Just out of town three young people pulled up in a small bus. They were from Avondale College near Newcastle. They come out to Goodooga and work with the local kids during the school holidays. It was a shame that I had no way to get back into town with the kayak and show the kids but I didn't feel like a 10km round trip which would have taken maybe three hours. The support crew was back in Hebel so it was out of the question to get them to come out.

Before Goodooga I took my jacket off. When I was in Goodooga I didn't have my yellow vest on so it must have come off and blown away when I took my jacket off. That was disappointing because it was signed by the team and had sentimental value. We alerted the locals so maybe someone will find it.

Look what those people from NSW
do to our nice Qld signs
Bruce cruising to a state of origin
victory at the Hebel pub
This road train wanted all the road. The
kayak doesn't use much so I was
going to call his bluff but decided to
hop out of the way
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