Brisbane to Sydney by Kayak - Oct-Nov 2008

Arrival at the Sydney Opera House, Saturday 1st November

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We decided that as a Southerly buster was predicted for Friday afternoon that I would paddle from Shelley Beach at Manly to Rose Bay so that no matter how windy Saturday was, the finish would be assured.

It was an easy paddle with northerly winds that turned gusty westerly after we finished for the day.

To get some photos I stopped at Chowder Bay which is on Middle Head. There is a navy wharf there with signs saying no trespassing. After I had paddled under it and was heading for the sand a bloke came down and told me these were naval waters and I was not to be there. My reaction was to say that they should put a sign up if that was the case. He said there were signs everywhere. I read one back to him, "No trespassing, navy land, keep off", or words to that effect. I said I was not on the land and did not intend to go there. He thought I was a smart arse so I hurried off.

The wind on Saturday was from the south but not strong. The waves from the boats on Sydney Harbour foiled my plan to stay dry but it was a very easy and enjoyable paddle.

The Queensland team met me at the wharf with banners and cheers. We pulled the kayak out, dragged it up to the waiting Minister Garrett, unpacked the letters in their individual plastic bags and put them in the big delivery bag.

He is a strong man. The bag was heavy but he handled it with no trouble. He congratulated me on my efforts, accepted the bag. I made a very brief speech for the cameras and the press and then Minister Garrett headed off with the bag over his shoulder. I liked the guy and I think just about very one who was there would agree with that.

The trip could not have been done without John Schulstad and John Williams. Thanks guys, you were great.

We had a reception at UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures. Details are below but it was recorded. This is great news as the presentations were excellent and what was said was very important.

Presentations at UTS

Down the Drain - is this the future of our Rivers?

4-6pm, Saturday 1 November 2008
Room 230, Level 2 (entry level Jones St), Building 10
University of Technology Sydney

Hosted by Institute for Sustainable Futures


Inside Sydney Heads

Manly ferry and Nth Head

Chowder Bay


Nearly there

Fort Denison

Arriving at pontoon

Thanks John

On dry land

Unloading letters

Mr Garrett accepts the letters

Two handsome chaps

Mr Garrett has to carry them himself

Steve and his supporters at the Opera House (L to R):
Tanzi Smith (Greater Mary Association), Professor Stuart White (Institute for Sustainable Futures), Heidi Posselt (Steve's daughter), Carol Posselt (Steve's wife), Steve Posselt, Julie Wellington (Brisbane Save the Mary group), Vikki Uhlmann (Convenor, Brisbane Save the Mary group), John Schulstad (Steve's support crew from Perth), Victoria Pullen (from Mary Valley - she has painted her car yellow and with no dam logos and is on a pilgrimage down the east coast collecting letters to Minister Garrett), Glenda Pickersgill (Save the Mary group), Professor Jean Joss (Lungfish expert, Macquarie University).

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