Brisbane to Sydney by Kayak - Oct-Nov 2008

Sunday 5th October

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We got to the water at 8.20am and the nor'easter was already starting to gain some strength. It was an easy cross wind paddle to Huybers Beacon, then down beside King Island to Wellington Point for a quick stop. The kayak draws a lot of attention and people reckoned they knew about the trip from Channel 7 so that was good news.

The crew was supposed to meet me there but they were too slow and I set off for Cleveland Point where we caught up and said farewell to Bryce and Jenny. A radio sked was arranged for 3.00pm with the idea that I would be near Cabbage Tree Point at the mouth of the Logan River. It was right on 3.00pm when I pulled in there but that was due to having a race with a catamaran for 45 minutes. With the sail up I could paddle at about 11km per hour plus the kayak does not draw much water and can cut the corners. He finally thrashed me but it kept my average speed up.

The Johns had set up at Jacobs Well which was another 45 minutes away. The GPS reading was 38.5km for the day when I hit the boat ramp. It had been a nice, easy day, downwind most of the way. Tomorrow all we have to do is to get to Surfers Paradise where we need to start on Tuesday.

People in the caravan park at Jacobs Well knew about the trip from the Sunday Mail. It was only a small article on page 31 but I guess people have more time to read the details on Sundays. Our camp site is working pretty well but as it is our first night there are a few minor things to fix.

Day 2 Photos

A blustery day on Moreton Bay

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