Brisbane to Sydney by Kayak - Oct-Nov 2008

Wednesday 15th October

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The southerly hit overnight but was not above 15 knots so we had a go at beating it. It was still just OK to paddle into when I reached Mylestom which is just up the river from Urunga. The river is less than 200m from the sea. I knew it was close but that was a pleasant surprise.

The river then runs parallel with the sea and you can keep going into Hungry Head Lagoon. This came to an end much earlier than I would have liked but it was only about 17km to Nambucca Heads. Out to sea was impossible by that stage so I legged it down the highway.

This was a good move as many people seem to know about the trip and tooted their horns. Two lots of people stopped and we collected $23! It is also good to break up the paddling with a bit of walking.

The Johns went on ahead and secured a cabin for the night as there was a fair bit of rain about. The team is working really well with everyone falling into roles. John W makes excellent lunches and we had fresh mussels and other stuff on crackers with our beer tonight. John S is coping well with the onerous task of keeping me out of trouble. Strategically we are on the same wave length and are doing well with the kilometres.

The last three nights have been spent at Lisa Nichols' place (niece of John S) which really spoilt us. We all enjoyed that thanks Lisa. Tomorrow the plan is to pitch the tents at Port Macquarie and use that as a base for a few days. All being well we will arrive in Port sometime Saturday.

Today: 35km. Gotta get that back up tomorrow!

Day 12 Photos

Into the creek at Sawtell

Getting wet


Arriving Mylestom

Heading for the river

Urunga ahead

The end of Hungry Head Lagoon

Pacific Highway

The hill at Nambucca

Why can't we stop here?

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