Brisbane to Sydney by Kayak - Oct-Nov 2008

Thursday 23rd October

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We are all looking forward to improvement in the weather. Gale force southerlies and pouring rain are not really our idea of fun.

I paddled into Queens Wharf at noon for the TV guys and there were a few hardy souls there. Like I said yesterday we all seem to have the same problems. Interestingly I stopped walking in the rain in Hunter Street so that I could sit in the car and do a radio interview with ABC. On the interview I talked about similar issues like the understatement of costs for dams. The numbers I heard just had to be crap. Tonight Hunter Water were on the TV news saying they had made a mistake with Tillega Dam and their costs were way higher than they had been saying.

It was not a lot of fun walking to Warners Bay. The rain was heavy at times and the route was over a big hill. The plan had been to follow the railway line because it should go round hills but it did not work out that way.

An early night is called for and see what tomorrow brings.

Day 20 Photos

Waiting for TV

Arrival Queens Wharf

OK, lift now

Meeting the crowd

Bloody rain


Downhill to Lake Macquarie

Warners Bay at last

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