Brisbane to Sydney by Kayak - Oct-Nov 2008

Friday 24th October

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Yeeha, the rain and wind had gone. It was still cold but Lake Macquarie would be fine. We were leaving Val's place (Carol's sister), where we had spent two great nights in a real house out of the weather, with really good company.

The wind on the lake was about 12 knots from the south west. It got to about 15 knots from the south and then eventually went round to the east. Yesterday was only 18km although it did include a significant hill. Today we would get the average back up.

Lake Macquarie scaled at 20km but turned out to be 27km. The land between there and Lake Munmora was only 4km. Lake Munmora was joined to Lake Budgewoi which flowed into the Tuggerah Lakes.

Lake Budgewoi is very shallow where I wanted to go. Even a kayak could not negotiate the shallows so the only option was to go around the edge.

Daily log: 50km

I am starting to feel tired and need my sleep. Sydney is within striking distance.

Day 21 Photos

Warners Bay start


Eraring power station

End Lake Macquarie

Lake Munmora

Munmora - Budgewoi Lakes connection

Budgewoi Lake

Gotta go round

The Entrance

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