The Trip

An epic journey by wheeled kayak to connect chaotic climate events that together are outside previous experience.  Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy,  Eastern USA Freeze, Canberra firestorms, UK flooding, French droughts.

Trip map 150428

Start Canberra  15th January 2015,  Sydney Opera House 31st January  2015.  Gulf of Mexico 1st March, up Mississippi in flood, 22nd April across to USA East Coast,  New York end June, across the UK, through London, English Channel and the up the Seine to Paris before the Climate Talks 30th November 2015

“I must be able to look my grandkids in the eye and say that I tried my best”. This is Steve’s motivation for his most ambitious trip yet. At 62 he reckons he has one big trip left in him.

Some approximate trip dates:

Canberra                                            15th Jan    Done

Sydney Opera House                  31st Jan     Done

Gulf of Mexico                                3-Mar   Done

New Orleans                                   5-Mar   Done   (start Mississippi)

Baton Rouge                                   14,15-Mar   Done

Vicksburg                                       1-5 Apr   Done (Struggled, river up 43ft)

Memphis                                          10-11  Apr (Done, more struggles)

Nashville                                         22nd  April (Done, bike)

Asheville                                 28-Apr (Done, bike)

Greenville                             8-May (Done, bike)

Virginia Beach                   21 May   (Done)

Chesapeake Bay       9 June  (Done)

Delaware River       13 June ( Done)

Statue of Liberty     17 June (Done)

New York               21 June (Done, trip odometer 3,930km)

New York – Southampton  Queen Mary 2         14- 22 July (Done)

Severn River – Portishead          21 August (Done)

Bristol                                                 22 August (Done)

Bath                                                     23 August  (Done)

Devizes                                              25 August  (Done)

Reading                                            28 August (Done)

Staines                                             30 August  (Done)

London                                           3 September (Done)

English Channel                      7 September (Done)

Le Havre                                      2 October (Done)

Paris                                                 Oct

COP-21 Climate Summit is 30 Nov.