The Trip

Route 4
An epic journey by wheeled kayak to connect chaotic climate events that together are outside previous experience.  Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, melting arctic, Canberra firestorms, UK flooding, French doughts.

Leave Canberra 11.00am 15th January 2015, arrive Sydney Opera House mid-day 31st January  2015.  Gulf of Mexico to Hudson Bay via the Mississippi and Great Lakes. Across the UK, through London, English Channel and the up the Seine to Paris for the Climate Talks in November 2015

“I must be able to look my grandkids in the eye and say that I tried my best”. This is Steve’s motivation for his most ambitious trip yet. At 62 he reckons he has one big trip left in him.


Some trip dates: (Note Sydney Opera House time is mid-day)

Dates 141211