Steve’s passion is water but our draining of Australia, our unsustainable water practices, are a long way second to the big issue we all must confront.

It’s time to end fossil fuel extraction for export.  It’s time to wean ourselves off this climate changing energy source.  It‘s time for all rational people to demand this conservative action, and stop reckless people risking our very existence.    It’s time for serious action.

Connecting the Dots will be a long and arduous journey linking:

  •  Australian floods and droughts, the Canberra fire storm, US droughts, Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, the melting Arctic, disappearing glaciers, acidifying oceans, and coral reef loses with anthropogenic global warming (AGW);
  • Human activity with AGW, and potentially catastrophic climate change;
  •  The many NGOs and groups that are trying to halt expanding fossil fuel extraction with each other, and for a common purpose,

The number of groups calling for change and joining this venture in Australia, the USA and Canada is unprecedented.

Arduous journeys draw media.  Come on board, put your fossil fuel free campaign in the spotlight.  The more the exposure, the better the chance of our success.