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I thought my journey was over at Paris but it’s not. If absolutely everything promised at the Climate Summit is achieved we might limit global warming to three degrees. Three degrees means no Arctic or Antarctic ice, no glaciers and very likely no humans.

This is real, happening at present and for people under 20 now the effects could be catastrophic, not just the wild weather we are experiencing with just one degree of warming.

This is an emergency and we need the science to be taken seriously by all governments

On New Years Day 2017,  I brought out Old Yella for one last time to paddle from my home in Ballina, where I recuperated from the gruelling Paris journey, to Canberra. The paddle is 1150km down the coast to Moruya, then turn right and drag  Old Yella 180km up the hill to Canberra.

Groups in towns along my route are  collecting signatures on the Climate Emergency Declaration petition for me to deliver to Canberra, along with the signatures being collected via the online version of the petition. Please help reach the target of 100,000 signatures by signing online at The Climate Emergency Declaration


Program (*** means doubtful time due to southerlies)

Date  Day  Departure  Arrival Events
 Days completed are deleted
7-Feb Tuesday Manyana Ulladulla
8-Feb Wednesday Not sure about winds
9-Feb Thursday Ulladulla Durras
10-Feb Friday  Durras  Moruya Heads
11-Feb Saturday  Support crew change
12-Feb Sunday  Support crew  change
13-Feb Monday  Durras  Moruya Heads
14-Feb Tues Moruya Heads Moruya Markets  Welcome   12.00 noon
15-Feb Wed Paddle to Araluen Rd then start walk
16-Feb Thurs Walk
17-Feb Friday Walk  Speak at Moruya 6.00pm
18-Feb Saturday Araluen
19-Feb Sunday  Walk
20-Feb Monday  Walk
21-Feb Tuesday  Walk
22-Feb Wednesday  Walk
23-Feb Thursday  Walk
24-Feb Friday  Walk
25-Feb Saturday Canberra – Engineering House to Parliament House Welcome Flotilla Seminar Engineering House

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