19th-20th February

All up I only walked 13.7km for the day but it was enough to cross the Shoalhaven River. Most of the way was painful because of the damage to my knees. The highlight was watching two sheep dogs working a flock. They watched each other and the sheep but the farmer seemed to not be issuing commands. It was fascinating as they stopped, waited looked, sprinted at times and finally got the sheep where they wanted.

We had Chinese dinner at then Services Club and returned to our room at the pub where I took a Mobic. That’s a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory prescribed by Dr Ross Stinton, my doctor over more decades than either of us would want to count.

20th February         Very cool start again with Lyn complaining about “icy” winds. My mood was buoyant because I was able to walk almost normally after the drugs. Yee Haaaa!!!

From the bridge over the Shoalhaven for a few kilometres is the area with the most road kill I have ever seen. Many kangaroos, lots of wombats, a fox and a turtle all dead on the side of the road within the space of maybe three kilometres.

It was a very busy day at the office. Larry O’Loughlin, executive director from the ACT Conservation Council, waited beside the road to take a photo. Jeremy, a contact from years ago in Townsville pulled up with his son to say hello. I didn’t remember him but after he drove away the pieces came together. A couple of ladies pulled up to take a photo and a quick chat but they really should have been at the Westpac protest so off they went. I did feel sorry for the woman who added to the road kill. She had hit a kangaroo and was trying to get a tow sorted out. The bit she was worried about was just a plastic guard but when I asked her to start the car I could see the bottom of the radiator housing was busted so no joy there. I had to leave her to her wait.

At 11.30 am Lyn arrived exactly on time. She drove on a bit to find a spot to pull over by which time I was well and truly ready for a sandwich and sit down. The rest of the day was uneventful, finishing at 1.45pm with more than 21km done.Day 6 KINGS Highway 170219 (17)A busy Sunday on Kings Highway

Day 6 KINGS Highway 170219 (5)Crossing the Shoalhaven

P2193266Goats are no fun. They are like the city media and take no notice.

IMG_4735That last bit wasn’t much fun.

IMG_4744I’m happy to share mate. You can have most of it, just leave me a narrow bit on the side.

IMG_4759More than 21km, nearly there

IMG_4762Turning into Allan’s where we left the kayak. Allan has lived in the area many decades and has seen the gradual change in the climate. 50km walking to go to the Molonglo River entry

LYN    19th Feb            As the weather is cooler and the walk flatter, there is not the need to start so early, so we enjoy a leisurely sleep in. We then catch up on our blogs and emails and mid morning we join Jenny for an early lunch. Jenny has a friend picking her up around 1pm to take her home. We head back to the Royal to get ready to hit the road.

Steve pulls Old Yella out from behind the pub into the sunshine for another day on the road, or half day that is. He rounds the corner and heads out into the Main Street at 12 noon he then turns right and heads towards Bungendore. As the road today is flat and the heat has abated he suggests that I stay behind and catch up on other things. (Washing in particular) and then come out with lunch in a couple of hours.

So I drop him off and return to town. Alas the laundromat is closed until tomorrow, so I decide to explore Braidwood. It’s a small town between Canberra and the coast and has been quiet since we arrived, but it has suddenly come alive. Seems that around lunch time everyone stops at Braidwood for lunch and a look around. I return to the pub and catch up on my blogs and then head out to check on Steve and have lunch with him.

All is good and he walks a few more km, before finishing for the day, he has done 13.7 km in total today. His knees are swollen and sore, not just from today but from the hard work they had to do climbing the mountain.

He loads Old Yella onto the beast and we head back to Braidwood for a quiet afternoon and early night.

Monday 20th February                We head out to yesterday’s finish Point, the Shoalhaven River Bridge. It’s now 8.30 am and there is a cold wind blowing from the west. Like yesterday I head back into town to get the washing done; I succeed this time. I do a few more jobs, ring Melinda from Bungendore who is organising a small welcome as Steve enters their town.

I head out on the road, I catch up with Steve at 11.30, he has walked 13.7 km so far. He has a quick break and heads off again. The road is busy and not all flat, there a few rises to climb, however nothing thing like the Araluen mountain.

I pass a car which appears unable to continue after hitting a large kangaroo. I later find out from  Steve who stopped to help her, that she sustained damage to her radiator and was later towed into town for repairs. Sadly there are many roos and wombats hit along this road as happens along many of our highways around Australia.

I travel along the road until 21.5 km from today’s start, then I look around to see if there is somewhere we can leave the kayak rather that lift it aboard the truck. I see a house not far in off the road and venture in. I meet the owner of the property, Allan Pearce and explain what we are doing and ask if we could possibly leave the kayak inside his property (Valley Heights) for safekeeping. Allan is more than happy for this to happen and when Steve arrives we stow Old Yella safely for the night and head back to Braidwood for one last night.