25-27 February

It’s over, finally, well sort of. The journey from Canberra via the USA, UK, France and back to Canberra is over. The petition is not. Nearly 20,000 signatures is not a bad start though. We are back in Ballina and I am putting down my final blog for the trip.

I am not even going to start to thank the people that I owe except to thank Margaret Hender, absolutely key to our success on this mission. The list is huge. Collectively I say thank you with all my heart and offer Harriet’s words. She is the Climate Reality leader in New York who arranged the picnic for me in Central Park with fellow activists.  “We must keep going and we must win. We have no other choice.”

The amount of support we received was astounding. The work that some people put in was incredible. Let’s use this to boost our spirits and keep going. We are making a difference. The kick back from deniers is getting more shrill, the neoliberals more desperate. There will be a tipping point where all of our work will take off.

The pictures below are a summary of the last couple of days. We escaped Canberra by about 1:15pm and were in bed at home before midnight.

If you were ever in doubt about what is at stake and how urgent the problem is check out http://theageofconsequences.com/

My goal now is to finish the book about the trip, get it published and use it as a vehicle to get out there and continue to inform people.

These trips don’t work without a support crew. Warren and Lyn have been fantastic and although at times it was an ordeal they seem to have had a lot of satisfaction and together we have had fun and done a lot of living

IMG_4841Starting Saturday from Molonglo Reach where the walking finished. Note Klaas in the background.

IMG_4860On Lake Burley Griffin with the “Climatre Warrior” tri.

IMG_4866A big hug when I arrived.

IMG_4881Acknowledgement of Country by Kamilaroi man Greg.

IMG_4909Ever the support crew Warren is getting names from Jodie Green

IMG_4915John McIntosh, President of Engineers Australia takes the petitions for safe keeping over the weekend

IMG_4945Nannas were there

IMG_4947Daniel and Greg. We went to the tent embassy to see Daniel next day and came away with lots of information.

IMG_4950Greg’s got the grandkids covered

IMG_4956How many engineers does it take to change a computer? That’s Graham Davies, president of the Sustainable Engineering Society in the middle.

IMG_4960Australian Federal Police take a keen interest. Nice blokes, very helpful, just like the NSW ones.

IMG_4968Ready to start. Phillip Sutton, Adrian Piani, John Hewson, Ian Dunlop, David Hood, unnamed kayaker.

IMG_4990Pat Conroy, shadow minister for climate change

IMG_497818,101 signatures, 12000 in two months from all sorts of demographics over 1300km. Aust Conservation Foundation reckon people don’t like the wording and won’t support the petition. We didn’t find that. If you are a member please tell them. Nearly 20,000 signatures is a good start, not the end.

IMG_4996Adam Bandt accepts the signatures

IMG_5001John Hewson listens intently to Ian Dunlop before stating himself that we do have an emergency on our hands

IMG_5012Senator Lee Rhiannon on the left and Senator Janet Rice next to David Hood.