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Author, adventurer, wetland advocate and lifelong water-engineer, Steve Posselt, is building towards a major trip from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic circle. We need people to help promote, organise and build the movement to build a resilient future in a post-carbon world. You can also buy Steve’s book, get Steve or David in front of your local group or help us promoted this through your  social media. Contact Steve on 0438 138 982 if you can help, or use the comment form below.

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Read the words of an adventurer and water engineer as he meets farmers, mayors, engineers and activists in Australia, the USA, the UK and France.
Tough is Not Enough cover
Tough is Not Enough
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Cry Me a River
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Why not join Steve on some part of his ongoing work to build a reslient future in a post-carbon world. Contact Steve now

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