2014-11-3 To Townsville – remembering a win

It was great to be reminded of a win. Spent the night at Tiaro with Ross and Gail Smith whom I met on the Save the Mary River Campaign and have stayed in touch with Tanzi, their daughter. We didn’t know during the campaign that we would win. Government money and propaganda was stacked against us, but we were pretty sure that the Federal Labor Govt would not sacrifice the EPBC Act, and go against two senate enquiries, for a bunch of Qld cowboys. When they lost, the Water Resources Minister – Stephen Robertson – reckoned he was devastated. Didn’t take it well when I suggested why he lost. Sent him a copy of my book so that he might learn something, but I doubt that he read it.

Interesting that there was no enquiry into how the stupid dickheads managed to waste over a billion dollars of Queenslander’s money. Seems like it is good Queensland practice though, with the Newman Govt investing heavily in what will be stranded coal assets to prop up something that is only 4% of their revenue, minus what they spend of course, which last year was about half that.