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It’s Time

Steve on the Goulburn
Steve Posselt has paddled the length of the Darling Murray river system

We know that Climate Chaos will tear our civilisation apart but we allow our governments to protect a handful of investors while they risk the future.

It’s time to take the action into our own hands and show that we will not stand idly by and allow our future to be flushed down the toilet in the interest of short term profits.

It’s time to divest our savings from the fossil fuel sector

It’s time to vote out those politicians who claim science as a servant of the economy instead of a method for discovering the truth.

It’s time to embrace the revolution in every community, support local enterprise, reduce our ecological footprint and to build a stable future, not a future based on mythical infinite growth.

Steve Posselt has dragged his kayak upstream and overland down Australia’s largest river network and some of its most embattled rivers.

Many of Australia's Rivers are dry as a result of climate change
Many of Australia’s Rivers are dry as a result of climate change

He has backed a successful plan to stop the damming of the Mary River.

He has argued the toss with Mayors of capital cities and country towns about climate chaos and the impact on their communities.

He has decided that It’s Time to take his mission all the way to the top, starting at the northern edge of the North American continent and heading all the way down to New Orleans.

He will visit many of the scenes of drastic weather conditions where people have experienced first hand the climate chaos caused by the incredible amounts of carbon dioxide we have pumped into the air.

He will be calling on you, to support him and show your local, state and federal politicians that it is time they take this issue seriously or be left behind in the global movement that is going to take its money out of the system unless the system wakes up.

We will not allow our children and grandchildren to be cooked by the short sighted selfish investors backing the fossil fuel sector.

It’s time for a change.