UK 7

Thirteen degrees and showers. I’m sure glad it is summer.

Had some maintenance to do in the morning so didn’t start until after mid-day. Was on track for a 5.30pm finish until the locks started in earnest. Finished at 6.45pm after dragging around about 30 locks in 20 miles. The back wheels got loose from all the ups and downs so it was nice that they didn’t fall off.

Lots of comments from boaters about the weather. One bloke was on his own and had to drive the boat and operate the locks. Not sure how long a lock takes like that but must be close to half an hour. Add that up and it is pretty slow progress.

I decided that if I couldn’t see the next lock I would paddle to it even if someone said it was close. Believe nothing is my motto now. One bloke assured me that it was a “good hour” of paddling to the next lock. It was ten minutes!

With all the heaving and dragging on top of paddling quickly my muscles get just a wee bit sore. That’s all fine as long as the crook shoulder holds up. I have been getting more pain in the upper arm just below the shoulder which is where my referred pain point is for the glenoid. It is not too bad but normally paddling helps rather than hinders the injury.

Anyway, it all makes for going to sleep pretty quickly. We got back at 9.00pm and I reckon at 9.01 I was pushing up zeds.

Lovely day for a paddleIMG_1362

Not raining2015-08-31 18.17.29

Another Barge Inn. Witty the Poms eh.2015-08-31 17.35.30

The start of many locks2015-08-31 19.36.03

The only entry without stinging nettles2015-08-31 19.42.15

The white boat is number 10 out of 18 for the day2015-08-31 20.01.07

Woops, forgot the torch2015-08-31 20.17.51

It’s only half a kilometre long2015-08-31 20.18.15

Last lock going up. Don’t like the high walls.2015-08-31 20.34.02

At the top. All down from here2015-08-31 20.38.55

Next lock in the distance2015-08-31 20.55.35

The train line is always close. Probably because canals and trains follow the contours2015-08-31 21.06.36

And another one. About 30 locks for the day2015-08-31 21.30.46

Not kayak friendly2015-08-31 21.48.47

6.30pm coming into Hungerford2015-08-31 23.29.05