UK 6

Lovely English weather again today. Fifteen degrees and raining, sometimes almost stopped, sometimes heavy but enough to remind one of where one is on a summer day. They need the odd cricket win to brighten up their life I reckon.

The Caen Hill locks are famous. I didn’t count them but there are a lot, more than twenty. It was 4km to walk around them but it would take all day to get a boat up or down I reckon.

Not much to report. Not a lot of activity on the river, maybe passed a dozen or so narrow boats on the move, all with umbrellas up.

Short day for me because we did a fair bit on the computer with mayors and trying to get media. It was pouring and I was cold when I quit at 1.30pm. Tomorrow it should get up to 19 degrees and just showers. Hooray!

Think I’ll go while the rain has stoppedIMG_1354

Jools photographing. Neat roof racks on the Audi eh!2015-08-30 15.33.05

Behind the bridge is Caen Hill that the locks go up2015-08-30 15.50.39

4km to the top2015-08-30 15.54.45

Through Devizes, nice gardens. Shame about that bloke’s fingers2015-08-30 16.52.18

Still in Devizes2015-08-30 16.52.26

Good to see the solar panels2015-08-30 17.00.43

A lot of narrow bits today2015-08-30 17.12.50

Looks nice and cozy (and out of the rain)2015-08-30 17.20.28

Quite a few small swing bridges. Glad I fit underneath.2015-08-30 18.08.36