8th February

Headed out of Ulladulla harbour with a strong easterly wind in my face. Warren took some photos from the harbour wall and then went off to talk to the Marine Rescue people. They have a good view of the bay so he watched me come back in with my tail between my legs.

I got about 2km out before I made the decision to abort. Because I don’t know the coast I wasn’t sure there was anywhere decent to get back to shore. My radio had melted on the charger and I thought communication with Warren from a rough sea would be fraught with problems.

We managed two radio interviews in the morning and a drive to Moruya to see the 350.org people organising the events there. Lyn Smith showed us where I would be speaking on Friday evening 17th and where I would land on Tuesday 14th. Allan Rees also lent us an FM radio which was a great relief. The coast south of Ulladulla is not easy to get to, mobile coverage is sparse and there is a significant swell. Let’s see what tomorrow brings but the plan is to go all the way to Malua Bay which is just south of Batemans Bay. Winds look good.IMG_4276Just outside the harbour.

IMG_4289Bit of whitewater out there. I turned around after about another kilometre and retired gracefully