East Coast 6

Set off from the well to do suburb, Princess Anne, of Virginia Beach. The wind was from the north but not too bad and negligible in the swamp and trees. It was a very quick journey through the head of the water system to the mouth, all done in a few hours.


The channel was a lot wider downstream of the Princess Anne Rd bridge2015-05-27 00.50.06

What a fantastic waterway right in the suburbs2015-05-27 01.02.07

There were about ten houses in this area. One bloke in his back yard had a chat and he said there was another blockage up ahead but he didn’t have any dynamite to clear it.2015-05-27 01.11.06

Halfway through. This was very difficult.2015-05-27 01.18.21

It is another world down here, much more fun than in the traffic2015-05-27 01.37.41

Not impressed2015-05-27 01.44.09

Structured canal2015-05-27 01.59.47

Very noisy goose2015-05-27 02.29.57

Into the top of the bay and first channel marker2015-05-27 02.35.18

Widening out2015-05-27 02.45.17

Some nice homes. Note the bank for discussion lower down2015-05-27 03.03.43

Oysters. They are OK but nothing like the taste of a Sydney Rock Oyster2015-05-27 03.31.30

There’s the bridge at the mouth2015-05-27 03.14.49

Before starting out from the boat ramp we met with Carol Brighton who runs a site called http://www.tidewatercurrent.com/   Carol took us to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation centre just near the boat ramp.   It is a non-profit organization devoted to the restoration and protection of the Chesapeake Bay. It was founded in 1967 and has headquarters offices in Annapolis, Maryland. http://www.cbf.org/

2015-05-28 19.26.48

2015-05-28 19.38.03

Setting out from the boat ramp out of the wind but with a u-turn aheadIMG_0992

Heading into Chesapeake Bay after the bridge was a wee bit rough2015-05-28 20.33.55

This is the bridge that goes right across the mouth of Chesapeake Bay with a tunnel in the middle2015-05-28 21.00.08

One way of building and controlling the shoreline2015-05-28 21.44.59

But I prefer this method next door with dunes and sand fences2015-05-28 21.45.04

These groins, parallel with the beach and just out from low tide seem to work too.2015-05-29 02.13.53

Crossing over to Hampton. To the left is the bridge and then there is a tunnel section from the island2015-05-29 00.47.49

These pass over the tunnel. I was keen to get across before him.2015-05-29 00.49.48

Klaas is impressed with the ranger’s weaponry. Two guns is a bit different to what we are used to at home.IMG_0981

The ladies were impressedIMG_0982