France 1

Short blog because I am tired. Will try to fill in later.

We arrived her Sunday afternoon and went to the caravan park at Le Touquet. With a few hours daylight left we unhitched the van, set it up and hot footed it to Boulogne (pronounced Boloin) where I was able to take advantage of a favourable breeze.

Watched the sun go down and the moon come up, that’s what happens with a full moon, and found Trevor on the beach at Le Touquet in the moonlight. The tides are 9m at present and it was low tide so it was a kilometre that we had to drag the kayak. With 27km down on what was a non-paddling day we were both pretty pleased.

Fitted the wheels for the walk across the sand in the morning. Battled 2-3 knot current but then stuck to the beach and went OK. Two big estuary crossings with the second one having a ferocious run out tide.

Arrived at Ault after 5.00pm and 47km and headed home. Pretty tired but pleased with progress. Lot’s of bird life, many people on the beaches and scores of sea lions watching my progress. Sleep time now.