France 2


Finally into the Seine. Serenity at last after some pretty wild rides, gruelling currents, towering cliffs and beautiful scenery. Every day was full on but for different reasons. Most afternoons 20 knot winds and steep seas from the current running straight into the wind had Old Yella bouncing like a pogo stick on steroids. Often I was cold, always I was wet and just occasionally I was a little anxious but every day there was my mate Trevor to pull me out and take me away for a beer and a feed.

Yesterday was the Seine estuary which did not have the big run in tide that we had hoped for but it did have strong winds directly from the front all the way up to the Pont Suspenu, the second bridge from the mouth.

It has taken over 11,000km in the kayak to give it a name but with the end in sight it just came to me on one of the isolated, rough sections. He deserves a name and he deserves an honourable retirement back in Oz.

Paris here we come!