Mississippi 13

This is where Kyle did not want me to end upIMG_0727

After discussions with Adam at Natchez we think Kyle meant 200,000cfs not 200cfs. That will come up when I have something to say about the river. I am close to having an idea of what it is all about and where in engineering history we are at. There is no doubt the Lower Mississippi is an engineered feature, not a natural river.

After the drama yesterday I decided to just walk up to Natchez which should take two days, so the front wheel had to go back on.

Always present your best side eh mate. Yep, here’s mine.IMG_0731

This is not a cow pat that the dung beetles have got to. The little buggers left small pustules on my legs at some bites yesterday.2015-03-23 07.05.43

Lynne walked the first 2.1 miles (3.4km) with meIMG_0737

The road heads across the paddocks. Soy beans left, rice right.2015-03-23 10.18.51

 The bayous inside the levy are flooded from local rain2015-03-23 09.13.04

Neat slip circle eh.2015-03-23 08.50.38

Thought Jed Clampett might be in the rocking chair but no.2015-03-23 11.04.38

 Typical sized house in many locations on the river. Fences are rare.2015-03-23 11.08.32

 And more on the other side of the river apparently. Good to see.2015-03-23 11.58.41

The horse dance is something I have seen many times in Australia. Seems like it is the same in the USA

Look at that thing coming along. What should we do?2015-03-23 12.42.36

Let’s run around the paddock and buck a bit2015-03-23 12.43.30

Look, it’s still there.2015-03-23 12.43.43

I think it’s OK, let’s have another look.2015-03-23 12.44.35

No comment. Deer fence with hide behind it. The farm is for sale.2015-03-23 13.03.14

Well it wasn’t too bad. The first four hours were a doddle really. Met lots of lovely people, some of whom simply could not understand why the mad Aussie would not let them take him and his kayak to Natchez.

Hey Harry, 112 steps per minute dropping to 108. Sorry, have not regained my youth. 29.2km for the day.

Klaas:    Today was a lot better than yesterday. Steve decided to walk rather than kayak the distance and so we had no trouble locating him as there is no other road. I decided to start making my own bread as all the loafs here are loaded with sugar. Adam is a wonderful bloke we met and a tremendous help to Steve as he is a kayaker and knows the river back to front. Not only did he buy my book, today he came and presented me with a beautiful Delft Blue Jar filled with Bols Genever. The elixir of life to a Dutchman. Great Gift mate and very much appreciated. Went swimming today and had a hot spa. Wonderful. Klaas.