Mississippi 14

Deer Park is about 25km south of Natchez/Vidalia. It was an ideal pickup point we thought. That was until Adam told us that we were not looking through the trees at the Mississippi. It is the old Mississippi, cut off at the top with a 20m inlet/outlet at the southern end. Imagine what would have happened if the crew were waiting here for me. It would have been a disaster. That said research on Google Earth, which I do every time would have picked that up.

Land transport for the people in the houses2015-03-30 18.43.53

Typical house on the old bank. Life is different when not behind the levy.2015-03-30 18.47.55

It’s about 2.5km to the tree line behind this paddock2015-03-30 19.11.23

Note the outlets to flood the paddock2015-03-30 20.40.35

This wasn’t working. Maybe run its course.2015-03-30 23.18.39

Nice, you see more when walking. (circa 1850)2015-03-31 00.05.11

Sneaking in the back way I guess2015-03-30 23.07.20

Local paper and the man with the beer when I reach campIMG_0744

29.0km for the day. That’s about my limit these days.  515km since the Gulf.


When I first came to this land

loneliness drove me around the bend

But since I purchased a car GPS

I have fallen in love,I must confess.

with the voice I have christened Michelle

who daily guides me through cities hell

and never makes a mistake

or makes me late.

She is becoming my obsession

and now i’m making a confession

I want to take her in my arms

and caress all her obvious charms

I lie awake and think of her

I dream all night and hear her purr

I want to buy her diamonds and fur

I call her name out aloud

next thing I know I get a clout

The girlfriend yells

“Who the hell is Michelle”