Mississippi 3

2015-03-09 07.35.53No pics yesterday. Nearly all pics today. First 10miles in 2 hrs 15 mins, second 10 miles 3hrs 50 mins.  When things are good I can beat a barge around a right hand bend. When I have to go out into the current I can’t beat anything. Lots of problems after the first two hours. The picture above is when we were ready to unload the kayak behind the 5m levee which has followed us from just into Lake Ponchartrain.

The day started well eh. Just keep close to the bank.2015-03-09 08.04.00

Nice2015-03-09 09.17.22

This guy was picking up scrap metal and loading it into trucks2015-03-09 10.24.09

Down the outside. Forward progress 2km/hr at best. The end is where?2015-03-09 11.17.41

I heard a waterfall, then I found it. Can you see what it is?2015-03-09 11.32.11

Bloody burrs, just like home on the Condamine2015-03-09 11.49.13

Log jams too!2015-03-09 11.51.28

That forced me outside. Barges were 9 wide and God knows how long. It was at least half a kilometre before I could get back in.

End of the barges. Now what. Bank or outside?2015-03-09 12.56.28

How about down the middle and have a grain shower.2015-03-09 13.01.31

Next wharf. This is good. Not even any rain.2015-03-09 12.37.30

Not so good at the end though. (Swear word)2015-03-09 12.39.28

This guy passed me2015-03-09 13.58.18

Then he pushed into the bank to park2015-03-09 14.07.11

I was buggered so wasn’t going around and slithered through the gap2015-03-09 14.16.25

Nearly at the end. The boys are 1km past the bridge2015-03-09 14.48.57

39.4km. I will do 50 km if the barges would go away.

Klaas “Ghost riders in the Mississippi River.”  Dropped Steve of at nine this morning, one and half hours down the track. Drove back to attend to fixing electrical fault in Fridge-Freezer .Prepare tonight’s dinner, dumped garbage and drove an hour to new pick up site. Found access road over the levy wall (Authorised vehicles only ” and stopped right next to “Where the …………… is the river. Nowhere else on the roads I encountered fog but the river was obliterated. Finally, a shape emerged like the Loch Ness Monster, but what was it doing in downtown Louisiana ? I asked for the pass word and he shouted something  obscene like “Get Stuffed” so we managed to retrieve the intrepid sailor boy and whisk him home to our nice cosy trailer.Klaas