Mississippi 8

Setting out from Baton Rouge. USS Kidd one side and the museum to the right.2015-03-15 08.54.42

Gotta cross the river today. Turn left when?2015-03-15 08.59.19

Here looks as good as any. Resting point behind the barges mid-stream2015-03-15 09.03.45

Propeller wash about 2m high. Care required.2015-03-15 09.08.31

From the opposite bank: Bye bye Red Stick2015-03-15 09.19.56

Not good. Nosed into bank with three, look hard, pushers going so can’t paddle against their wash. Pilot yelled at me when I paddled up the inside but did it anyway with a plan to walk the last bit.2015-03-15 10.01.40

Time to walk2015-03-15 10.06.29

Bugger. Lost a wheel nut.  M16, not 5/8″ so problem in an imperial country. Found it back 15m. Phew!2015-03-15 10.12.47

Head back to the river. Not that easy but OK sort of.2015-03-15 10.15.50

Not so bad.2015-03-15 10.20.20

About a kilometre further on I had to turn back because of debris between bank and barges and then found this opening. Paddled nearly through it.2015-03-15 11.32.50

Chickened out when I saw this. Too dangerous. See debris under front of barges and look closely at turbulence. Not gonna risk life for 15 minutes hard work so came back and went around outside2015-03-15 11.33.01

Near the end for the and found an entrance into a flooded area.2015-03-15 12.05.56

The end2015-03-15 12.24.31

Only 17km. Access to the river is seriously curtailed so we have to work around  what is available.