Moving to Natchez

We were glad to get out of the RV park where we were with its single dunny and obnoxious shower. The new one is at Vidalia, on the opposite bank to Natchez, on the river between the big levee and the little levee next to the river. It is great but unfortunately T-Mobile data does not work here. That’s 50% of parks we have been where T-Mobile does not work. If it doesn’t get better I will ditch the unit and get another carrier but that costs money. Luckily the park’s wifi works enough and is fine if no-one else is on it.

Access points are few and far between and tomorrow’s journey is longer than the longest day so far and the river is flowing 20ft above normal according to Mark, a local who spends every hour he can fishing the river.

We went to explore this arvo and found the next two access points but I am concerned about the big day tomorrow. Just gotta do it I suppose. At least the crew can get to the spot.

Found out the 4WD does not have diff locks. Looking for an access point to the river the right side went into a mud hole that stopped us dead. The crew tried to flag down some help for about 45 minutes while I tried everything I could. In the end we rang AAA but just after that when I was sitting by the road with them Mark Cummings came along. He had a big ute and a chain and even offered me a beer. Bloody great bloke. Cancelled AAA so still have two free callouts left.

After all that it is now 7.30pm, I’m tired and I’m worried about tomorrow so I will be glad when that is behind us.

There are six blokes way up ahead of us but they went up before the river rose. I doubt they could do it now. Still ten days or so before it peaks and there is debris all over the river with locals warning about the danger of logs. That’s not river people though.

Lynne:     Hi everyone.  I’m a new kid on the block. Just arrived. Don’t really know my place yet but I suspect it maybe as a mediator for the sorting out of the disagreements, minor, I hasten to add, between master Steve and chef and driver Klaas.  Oh well, we had a busy day, departed Baton Rouge to explore drop off and pick up points along the river. Arrived at Natchez river park. Right on Mississippi. Such a busy river. Our last stop had us stuck deep in the mud. Klaas tried to flag down motorists for help. No success, so I was allocated this job. Hahaha.  Mark was the angel in disguise. He didn’t hesitate to help us stranded Aussies…he was greatly appreciated . so willing to help. Has given us his number if we are in need while we are in this area. Thank you Mark xxxxxxand ahug as well  another big day ahead. More tomorrow re people and places of Louisianna and Mississippi state. A wonderful trip and great experiences.

NOTE: Tried to put Lynne’s photos from her phone on the site but the phone (new one) won’t turn on. Looks like a trip to Baton Rouge and a lost day. We need her phone because she is on A T & T like mine and Klaas’s T-mobile is unreliable at the pick up site whereas ours seem to work