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2014-11-12 – Kayak 4 Earth in the Kandanga Museum

Wide Bay ABC Radio interview at Bundaberg, photos and story at the Gympie Times and then over to Kandanga to see the Save the Mary museum and dinner on the pub veranda with lots of the old crew.

It was a bit humbling to see me with my trips in amongst the paraphernalia on the walls. The museum is also a great idea. Next politician who wants to dam the Mary, and there have been three attempts so far, just needs to look in the museum to see what they would be up against. The Mary Valley area is a bit like the Northern Rivers in NSW. Try and tamper with their land at your peril.

Kandanga – Museum is at the old railway stationP1000283


2014-11-10 – Townsville Bulletin

Drying everything that was in the kayak. All bulkheads filled with water and I hadn’t taken everything out. Met with Townsville Bulletin which did a fine article

Where I met the Bulletin (Castle Hill in the background)P1000276

The evening was spent at the NQCC office, in the back yard actually, where I did a bit of Climate Reality stuff as well as the trip and fellow leader, Sandy McCathie showed some great videos from the 24hrs of hope. This is Sandy, taken from behind the first row of chairs just with my phone.Sandy presenting

2014-11-09 – Hotfoot to Magnetic Island

Paddled over to Magnetic Island. Everyone told me it was 8km. Reckoned I must be just slow after bashing into a 15-18 knot Nor-easter. Even got a bit queasy bouncing up and down. Lunch was scheduled at Wendy Tubman’s place and I think I just managed to get there at a reasonable time.

The bike and trailer in the trailer car park next to the ferry terminalP1000277

The walk was painful because I had forgotten my thongs. It was less than a kilometer and the kayak rolled well with its new wheels, but the road was bloody hot. It took five days for my feet to settle down after it. Probably looked a bit funny I suppose, trying to run, pull the kayak, and use it to launch myself into big astronaut moonwalking type steps so my feet were on the road less. Wendy took me to the IGA supermarket where I spent the best $12.95 ever on a new pair of thongs, plus beer to cool the inside.

Paddling overP1000278

Wendy is a great campaigner and manager for North Qld Conservation Council. She is paid for 15 hours per week but works more than 50 and rarely has time off. I was humbled many times on this trip by the dedication of the people that give their lives to making the world a better place in the face of arrant stupidity by government and industry.

Nearly back to TownsvilleP1000282

Distance 11.8 km, not 8km so I wasn’t as slow as I thought

2014-11-08 – Townsville – Accidental anger

Exhibited at the 150th anniversary celebrations for Townsville Port. A few people were interested but most walked past the kayak with its big banner without even noticing it.

The big day2014-11-08 16.19.52

Thought I did a good interview with 4TO FM but copped flack from Port authority. I was talking about coal and coal ports but failed to specifically say Abbott Point when I mentioned dredging, so they were pissed off. Funny how you can upset some people without even trying.

2014-11-07 – To Townsville – Ironing out the bugs

Bit of a hot trip up to Townsville to set up for the 150th anniversary of the Port. The kayak is right out the front.

At the Townsville Port building2014-11-07 12.20.27

Bowen, near the Abbott Point coal loader was on the way. I am told that there are reef passionate people in Bowen, maybe 10% and there are pro Abbott Point people, again maybe 10% and then there are those in the middle.

What I have found, is that this area is not like the northern rivers of NSW. I thought most people would be passionate about their reef but it seems to me that there is a disconnection in very many places and the saviours are  a small minority.