Testing Technology

Frustration again! Way too much fog but Mike the fisherman reckons it will clear tonight so tomorrow it is GO!

Trying to upload a video. Now that we can make them I need to be able to add them to the website. Unfortunately the T-mobile USB connection is censored and won’t allow Youtube. The web site won’t allow a video file after I used all my cunning and brilliance to reduce it to 2.77MB which is under the 8MB limit.

Oh well bit by very difficult bit I guess. Very similar to getting realistic action on climate change I suppose.

Gopro now mounts to my chest after we decided the equipment I bought in Lismore is crook. The cheap waterproof camera from Walmart does the trick. All I need to do is get the footage to  you.

Did I say I am paddling tomorrow? Yee haa, about bloody time. Man am I fat! The photos are so embarrassing  I censor them. Klaas is more suited to when I am piling up the kilometres. He is a bloody good cook. Will send Con home a wee bit heavier – sorry.