UK 11

Catch up time after making some errors in distance. Past Windsor Castle and all the way to the last lock in the Thames  so now it is a matter of watching the tides. Tidal range coming into London is about 7m so it is important to get the tides right.

There is a possibility that I am getting a wee bit tired of being wet and cold. Not that I have anything against the weather here, it is just that it is better suited to the English than me.

You will note the images are not too flash because of the drops on the lens. I did try to wipe them off with wet gloves but success was limited.

Lock keeper would not let me into the lock and portage arrangements left a lot to be desiredIMG_1403

Nice blokes invited me into the lock. “So did you want to talk about the cricket?” “Sorry mate, what’s cricket?IMG_1409


That was easyIMG_1412


Maidenhead2015-09-06 15.58.31


Perfect portage arrangement2015-09-06 22.04.47


Lots of houses on pontoons. Can’t really call them house boats2015-09-06 21.58.31


Windsor Castle. The Queen was home but I was in a hurry2015-09-06 17.35.48