Day 16

Boring, boring, boring Paula. Sorry, can’t make anything up that is believable.

Amongst other land lubber duties, Klaas and I went to see Trevor Waters who was making a sail for me. This is exciting because it may well be a way to beat the strong Mississippi current. Check it out here:

Trevor and Cathy have given me one for the trip. All I have to do now is figure out how to post it to the USA because I can’t take it on the plane with the fare that I have. Then of course there is the fitting to the kayak assuming it gets out of customs OK.

It looks exciting and Trevor is an incredible bloke. He was trained as a heritage architect but has branched out into inventing low greenhouse gas concrete as well as this amazing sail. He also intends to kayak from northern NSW to Adelaide. Maybe I should have told him that the people who do that are all stark raving mad. He has done 2400km before so he should know what he is doing.

Tomorrow is the big finish. Let’s see what it brings. The Nannas’ sign should be quite prominent at the opera house and Bob said last week that he will be there with bells on. Klaas might even sell a Cry Me a River or two and a few T-shirts.