Day 7

This is the third time I have written day 7 but the keyboard seems to have finally dried out. We started the day at Bunnings buying a heat gun. It did help but the fullstop key stayed down and the delete key had a mind of its own.  Klaas went ahead to Moss Vale but didn’t get much joy so bought 10kg of rice to immerse the computer in. That worked a bit but the problem was still there intermittently. Every time the fullstop took off I would heat the key up with the heat gun. Sometimes that worked but when I lost the whole of this post I gave up and went back to the rice method. That worked overnight so we start day 8 with a computer again.

As I pulled off the Hume Highway  walking up the on ramp from the Illawarra Highway a bloke went past on the Hume in a white station wagon with one hand pumping the horn a the other fist pumping the air outside his window. The enthusiasm and the timing were incredible. Sure beat the party by myself with a peanut butter and honey sandwich.

Got a flat 10km outside Moss Vale and eventually dragged into the caravan park at 5.00pm ready for a beer. There is a sign that says BAR about 30m from the tent so that’s where we went. It is a Pizza Bar. No beer!

The rain gods smiled on us yesterday. Although a lot of the road was wet none fell on me. There were four VLHs, that’s a hill rising for more than 2km in K4e terminology.

When we went looking for the pub I put the tough camera under the tarp but it got trodden on and turned out not to be so tough.

Hume Highway: TickP1000378